Nirmal Book Agency and Sahityam, legendary names in the Bengali Publishing arena, best known for publishing the books of veteran authors of both parts of Bengal, has recently started another Publishing house in the name of Educational Publishers that concentrates mainly on publishing school books. The management constantly liaises with the Bengali Authors all over the globe for new taste to the readers.
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Book IdBook NameStandardAuthorPublisherPrice(Rs.)
72Sabuj Path (2nd)2nd StandardSakuntala BhattacharjeeNirmal Book Agency25.00
89Poribesh Porichiti, Bigyan O Swasthakathaa Satya ChakrabartyNirmal Book Agency35.00
103Prosnottore Bhoo Bibaran O Swashthya-Samaj Kathaa Satya Kinkar ChakrabartyNirmal Book Agency35.00
57Choyonika (2) Shakuntala BhattacharyaNirmal Book Agency40.00
63Learn English (II) Sikha BiswasNirmal Book Agency25.00
68Adhunik Ganit Binyas (2) SR PandaNirmal Book Agency35.00
96Shishuder Bhugol Bijnan Srubabati DebiNirmal Book Agency40.00
66Ganit Sudha (2) Subhash ChowdhuryNirmal Book Agency35.00
69Adarsa Ganit (2) Subhash ChowdhuryNirmal Book Agency35.00
70Naba Ganit Mukul (2) Subhash ChowdhuryNirmal Book Agency35.00
102Prosnottore Poribesh Prokriti O Swasthya Kathaa Sujata SenguptaNirmal Book Agency35.00
106Prathomik Swastha O Poribesh Porichoy Sukumar BardhanNirmal Book Agency30.00
98Mohabharoter Amrita Kathha Suniti MukhopadhyayNirmal Book Agency30.00
85Chobi O Kathai Chotoder Mohabharat Upendra Kishor RoychowdhuryNirmal Book Agency20.00
127Easy English Grammar with Desk Work3rd StandardNirmal Book Agency30.00
135Peacock English Reader (2) Nirmal Book Agency40.00
136Eagle English Primer (III) A BhattacharjeeNirmal Book Agency35.00
125Swasthay, Samaj O Nagorik Sikhsha A DasNirmal Book Agency30.00
130Easy English Reader (I) Albert JohnNirmal Book Agency25.00
128Sunflower English Reader (III) CC GhoshNirmal Book Agency35.00
132Peacock Work Book (I) DC DasNirmal Book Agency30.00
145Itihasher Prathomik Porichoy (3) Dhiman GuptaNirmal Book Agency40.00
149Itihas Kahini (1st) Dhiman GuptaNirmal Book Agency40.00
119Swasthay Bigyan Samajik Sikhsha O Kheladhula Dr. A C BiswasNirmal Book Agency35.00
154Chotoder Janbar Kathaa O moukhik Prosno Indu Bhushan MukhopadhayaNirmal Book Agency30.00
122Koto Ojanare Indubhushan MukhopadhyayNirmal Book Agency35.00
123Janbo Ebar Jogottake Indubhushan MukhopadhyayNirmal Book Agency35.00
124Chotoder Sadharan Jnan O Moukhik Prashna Indubhushan MukhopadhyayNirmal Book Agency35.00
133An Easy English Grammar & Translation K GhoshNirmal Book Agency35.00
143Naba Ganit Prasun (3) K P PatroNirmal Book Agency40.00
110Amar Matri Bhasha Bangla Byakaran Kalyan MoitraNirmal Book Agency35.00
156An Ideal English Grammar and Translation (III) Konika RozarioNirmal Book Agency35.00
114Chtoder Bangla Byakaran O Rachanaa Krishno Gopal SastriNirmal Book Agency30.00
126A First English Grammar & Translation with Desk Work M BhattacharjeeNirmal Book Agency35.00
129An Ideal Work Book Nirmal Book AgencyNirmal Book Agency20.00
146Bhugoler Prathomik Porichoy (1) P K TalukdarNirmal Book Agency40.00
155Bijnaner Pratham Path (2) P K TalukdarNirmal Book Agency40.00
109Prosnottore Byakaroner O Aa Ko Kho Paresh Nath SastriNirmal Book Agency35.00
115Bhasar Gyan O Rachanaa Sopan Paresh Nath SastriNirmal Book Agency30.00
111Kishore Bangla Byakaran O Rachanaa Pareshnath sastriNirmal Book Agency35.00
147Itihas O Bhoogol Porichay (1st) Pradip TalukderNirmal Book Agency35.00
148Itihaser Sopan (1st) Pradip TalukderNirmal Book Agency25.00
150Chtoder Bhoogol Bigyan (1st) Pradip TalukderNirmal Book Agency25.00
152Prathomik Bhoogol Porichay (1st) Pradip TalukderNirmal Book Agency40.00
153Prathomik Bijnan Porichay (1st) Pradip TalukderNirmal Book Agency40.00
113Byakaraner Hate Khori Priyo Nath BagchiNirmal Book Agency35.00
116Bangla Byakoron Rochona Monjori Priyo Nath ShastriNirmal Book Agency35.00
117Golpomala Ranen GuptaNirmal Book Agency40.00
137Learn English With Grammar Ranen GuptaNirmal Book Agency40.00
142Sisu Ganit (3) Ranen GuptaNirmal Book Agency35.00
112Bhasha Ratna (3rd) Rozario RozarioNirmal Book Agency45.00
134Students' Grammar S BhattacharjeeNirmal Book Agency25.00
121Jnaner Alo Santosh ChattopadhyayNirmal Book Agency35.00
118Abhinaba Bangla Bhasar Byakaran O Probondho Rachanaaa Satyo Brata BandopadhyayNirmal Book Agency35.00
107Choyonika (3) Shakuntala BhattacharyaNirmal Book Agency40.00
108Sahitya Sudha (1) Shakuntala BhattacharyaNirmal Book Agency25.00
138Golpo Ar Golpo Shyamal DasguptaNirmal Book Agency30.00
131Learn English (III) Sikha BiswasNirmal Book Agency25.00
144Adhunik Ganit Binyas (3) SR PandaNirmal Book Agency40.00
151Eso Prokitir Bigyan Sikhi (1st) Srubabati DebiNirmal Book Agency30.00
139Naba Ganit Mukul (3) Subhash ChowdhuryNirmal Book Agency40.00
140Ganit Sudha (3) Subhash ChowdhuryNirmal Book Agency40.00
141Adarsa Ganit (3) Subhash ChowdhuryNirmal Book Agency40.00
120Chobite Chtoder Mohabharat Upendra Kishor Roy ChowdhuryNirmal Book Agency25.00
184Peacock English Reader (4)4th StandardNirmal Book Agency40.00
183Eagle English Primer (1) A BhattacharyaNirmal Book Agency35.00
186Amar Shahid Avijit BhattacharyaNirmal Book Agency30.00
179Modern Word Book B SenNirmal Book Agency30.00
180Manishider Chhelebela Bimal BramhachariNirmal Book Agency25.00
175Sunflower English Reader(IV) CC GhoshNirmal Book Agency35.00
189Itihas Kahinee (2nd) Dhiman GuptaNirmal Book Agency40.00
194Itihasher Prathomik Porichoy (4) Dhiman GuptaNirmal Book Agency40.00
163Buniadi Swasthya O Samaj Gyan Dr. Swapan DasguptaNirmal Book Agency35.00
177Easy Eng. Reader(II) G FrancisNirmal Book Agency25.00
182Ajanake Jano Indu Bhushan MukhopadhayaNirmal Book Agency35.00
172Anek Kichhu Jano Indubhushan MukhopadhyayNirmal Book Agency35.00
161Omor Bangali Jyotirmoy ChakrabartyNirmal Book Agency30.00
169Naba Ganit Prasun (4) K P PatroNirmal Book Agency40.00
162Sisuder Bangla Byakaran O Rachana Krishno Gopal SastriNirmal Book Agency30.00
178Peacock Work Book(II) N TalukdarNirmal Book Agency30.00
185Desher Gourab Nani Gopal AichNirmal Book Agency40.00
173Self Study Grammar P K GuhaNirmal Book Agency30.00
174Diamond Eng. Gram.& Tran. P K NeogyNirmal Book Agency25.00
193Prathomik Bhugol Parichaya(2nd) P K TalukdarNirmal Book Agency40.00
195Bijnaner Pratham Path (2) P K TalukdarNirmal Book Agency40.00
196Bhugoler Prathomik Porichoy (2) P K TalukdarNirmal Book Agency40.00
159Byakaraner Prothom Path Paresh Nath SastriNirmal Book Agency30.00
187Itihas O Bhugol Parichay (2nd) Pradip TalukdarNirmal Book Agency35.00
188Itihaser Sopan (2nd) Pradip TalukdarNirmal Book Agency25.00
190Chotoder Bhugol Bigyan (2nd) Pradip TalukdarNirmal Book Agency25.00
192Prathomik Bigyan Parichaya(2nd) Pradip TalukdarNirmal Book Agency40.00
168Sisu Ganit (4) Ranen GuptaNirmal Book Agency35.00
160Basha Ratna (4th) Rozario RozarioNirmal Book Agency45.00
164Stock of Words S BanerjeeNirmal Book Agency16.00
171Jnan Bijnaner Kichu Kotha (New) Satish Chandra RoyNirmal Book Agency35.00
157Choyonika (4) Shakuntala BhattacharyaNirmal Book Agency40.00
158Sahitya Sudha (2) Shakuntala BhattacharyaNirmal Book Agency25.00
176Learn English(IV) Sikha BiswasNirmal Book Agency25.00
170Adhunik Ganit Binyas (4) SR PandaNirmal Book Agency50.00
191Esho Prakriti Sikhi(2nd) Srubaboti DebiNirmal Book Agency35.00
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