Nirmal Book Agency and Sahityam, legendary names in the Bengali Publishing arena, best known for publishing the books of veteran authors of both parts of Bengal, has recently started another Publishing house in the name of Educational Publishers that concentrates mainly on publishing school books. The management constantly liaises with the Bengali Authors all over the globe for new taste to the readers.
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Book IdBook NameStandardAuthorPublisherPrice(Rs.)
214Chhobite Chhora NurseryEducational Publishers50.00
6Chotoder Mojar Pora Educational Publishers25.00
7Esi Sikhi O Aa Nirmal Book Agency18.00
8Pathsalar Pora Nirmal Pustakalay20.00
11Hashi Khushi Dharapat Educational Publishers20.00
17Kiddy Primer Nirmal Book Agency20.00
18Holy Child A B C Nirmal Book Agency16.00
19Golden A B C Nirmal Book Agency16.00
215Chhobite Pori O Aa Ko Kho Educational Publishers50.00
216Childrens Rhymes Educational Publishers50.00
217Nirmal Rhymes-2 Nirmal Book Agency30.00
218Nirmal Rhymes-1 Nirmal Book Agency30.00
219Picture ABC Educational Publishers50.00
220Spectrum Colour Book Educational Publishers40.00
221Hindi Mukul Educational Publishers40.00
13Tapur Tupur Chhorar Nupur Bhobaniprasad MazumdarNirmal Book Agency25.00
12Buniadi Dharapat Gouri DebiNirmal Book Agency6.00
5Hasi Khusi (1st) Jogindra Nath SarkarNirmal Book Agency12.00
9Sisutosh Dharapat Modon SarkarNirmal Book Agency30.00
3Sahaj Path (1) Rabindranath ThakurNirmal Book Agency15.00
4Sahaj Path Onushiloni (1) Rabindranath ThakurNirmal Book Agency25.00
14Sahaj Path (1st Part with Anushilani) Rabindranath ThakurNirmal Book Agency40.00
16Sisu Gonit (o) Ranen GuptaNirmal Book Agency30.00
10Bhasha Ratno (o) Rozario RozarioNirmal Book Agency25.00
20Adhunik Gonit Binyas (o) S R PandaNirmal Book Agency30.00
1Choyonika (Probeshika-1) Shakuntala BhattacharyaNirmal Book Agency40.00
2Choyonika (Probeshika-2) Shakuntala BhattacharyaNirmal Book Agency40.00
15Chhorar Mela Swapan ChakrabartyNirmal Book Agency16.00
22Barna Porichay Anushilani (1st Part)1st StandardNirmal Book Agency30.00
24Sahaj Path Onushiloni (2) Nirmal Book Agency25.00
43Spell and Read (Spelling) Nirmal Book Agency30.00
44Peacock English Reader (1) Nirmal Book Agency40.00
54Monishider Bani Somriddha Hater Lekhar Boi (1) Nirmal Book Agency25.00
40Eagle English Primer (1) A BhattacharyaNirmal Book Agency35.00
25Shobdo Shekho Bishnu Pada ChakrabortyNirmal Book Agency50.00
39Sunflower English Reader (1) C C GhoshNirmal Book Agency35.00
53Itihasher Prathomik Porichoy Dhiman GuptaNirmal Book Agency35.00
45Eso Kichu Jani Eso Kichu Chini (Poribesh) Dino Bondhu RayNirmal Book Agency30.00
46Adhunik Sasthya-Samaj O Samaj Sadharan Gyan Dino Bondhu RayNirmal Book Agency14.00
52Amader Des O Poribesh (1) Dinobondhu RayNirmal Book Agency35.00
48Amader Su Swasthya Samajik Sikhsha, Sports & Work Education (1) Dr. Swapan DasguptaNirmal Book Agency35.00
21Barna Porichay (1st Part) Iswar Chandra BidyasagarNirmal Book Agency12.00
33Naba Ganit Prasun (1) K P PatroNirmal Book Agency35.00
51Hitopodeser Galpo Kamal Krishna RayNirmal Book Agency25.00
38An Ideal English Reader Konika RozarioNirmal Book Agency30.00
29Baro Pakhir Chhora Nirendra Nath ChakrabartyNirmal Book Agency15.00
47Baromaser Charaa Nirendra Nath ChakrabartyNirmal Book Agency15.00
31Nitipath (1) Bangla Upopathya R BhattacharyaNirmal Book Agency25.00
23Sahaj Path (2) Rabindranath ThakurNirmal Book Agency15.00
30Sahaj Path (2nd part with Onushiloni) Rabindranath ThakurNirmal Book Agency40.00
35Sisu Ganit (1) Ranen GuptaNirmal Book Agency30.00
27Bhasha Ratno (1) Rozario RozarioNirmal Book Agency30.00
50Sabuj Path (1st) Sakuntala BhattacharjeeNirmal Book Agency25.00
26Choyonika (1) Shakuntala BhattacharyaNirmal Book Agency40.00
42Learn English (I) Sikha BiswasNirmal Book Agency25.00
41National Primer SK DasguptaNirmal Book Agency20.00
36Adhunik Ganit Binyas (1) SR PandaNirmal Book Agency35.00
32Naba Ganit Mukul (1) Subhash ChowdhuryNirmal Book Agency35.00
34Ganit Sudha (1) Subhash ChowdhuryNirmal Book Agency35.00
37Adarsa Ganit (1) Subhash ChowdhuryNirmal Book Agency35.00
28Natun Natun Charaa Suniti MukhopadhyayNirmal Book Agency20.00
49Chhando Chharai Mohan Jara Suniti MukhopadhyayNirmal Book Agency25.00
56Barna Porichay Anushilani (2nd Part)2nd StandardNirmal Book Agency30.00
64Peacock English Reader (II) Nirmal Book Agency35.00
94Nirmal English Primer Nirmal Book Agency30.00
95Nirmal English Reader (I) Nirmal Book Agency30.00
105Monishider Bani Somriddha Hater Lekhar Boi (2) Nirmal Book Agency25.00
65Eagle English Primer (II) A BhattacharyaNirmal Book Agency35.00
99Golpokothaye Swastha A DasNirmal Book Agency25.00
73Sonai Mora Misti Chharaa Annoda Shankar RayNirmal Book Agency25.00
97Ramayaner Madhubhanda Arun ChakrabortyNirmal Book Agency30.00
76Prachin Itihas Kahini Ashim Krishna MitraNirmal Book Agency35.00
80Manab Sabhyatar Bikash Ashim Krishna MitraNirmal Book Agency30.00
82Prosnottore Itihaser Itiathaa Ashim Krishna MitraNirmal Book Agency30.00
84Prosnottore Itihaser Monimala Ashim Krishna MitraNirmal Book Agency30.00
75Prosnottore Itihaser Galpokathaa Bimal BramhachariNirmal Book Agency35.00
62Sunflower English (II) C C GhoshNirmal Book Agency35.00
74Iching Biching Deep MukhopadhyayNirmal Book Agency15.00
79Itihaser Prathomik Parichaya Dhiman GuptaNirmal Book Agency35.00
104Amader Des O Poribesh (2) Dinobondhu RayNirmal Book Agency35.00
93Bright Primer Dipankar SenguptaNirmal Book Agency20.00
87Amader Su Swasthya Samajik Sikhsha, Sports & Work Education (2) Dr. Swapan DasguptaNirmal Book Agency35.00
88Suswasther Sadharan Gyan Dr. Swapan DasguptaNirmal Book Agency25.00
55Barna Porichay (2nd Part) Iswar Chandra BidyasagarNirmal Book Agency12.00
59Hasi Khusi (2nd) Jogindra Nath SarkarNirmal Book Agency14.00
86Chobi O Kathai Sahaj Ramayan Jogindra Nath SarkarNirmal Book Agency25.00
71Naba Ganit Prasun (2) K P PatroNirmal Book Agency35.00
77Abhinaba Itihas Parichay Kamal Krishna RoyNirmal Book Agency35.00
78Chhotoder Manab Sabhyata Kamal Krishna RoyNirmal Book Agency35.00
81Prosnottore Itihaser Kathaa Kamal Krishna RoyNirmal Book Agency30.00
83Prosnottore Chhotoder Itihas Parichay Kamal Krishna RoyNirmal Book Agency35.00
92Ishoper Niti Kahini M GhoshNirmal Book Agency25.00
90Prosnottore Poribesh Porichay Madan SarkarNirmal Book Agency30.00
100Bhugoler Prathomik Porichoy (0) P K TalukdarNirmal Book Agency40.00
101Bijnananer Pratham Path (1) P K TalukdarNirmal Book Agency40.00
91Prosnottore Poribesh O Samajik Shikshar Kotha Prodyut GoswamiNirmal Book Agency40.00
60Nitipath (2) Bangla Upopathya R BhattacharyaNirmal Book Agency25.00
67Sisu Ganit (2) Ranen GuptaNirmal Book Agency35.00
58Bhasha Ratno (1) Rozario RozarioNirmal Book Agency35.00
61Notun Kotha (2) Sakuntala BhattacharjeeNirmal Book Agency25.00
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