Nirmal Book Agency and Sahityam, legendary names in the Bengali Publishing arena, best known for publishing the books of veteran authors of both parts of Bengal, has recently started another Publishing house in the name of Educational Publishers that concentrates mainly on publishing school books. The management constantly liaises with the Bengali Authors all over the globe for new taste to the readers.
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Book IdBook NameCategoryAuthorPublisherPrice(Rs.)
1047Robin English PrimerEducationalEducational Publishers20.00
1048Himalaya Readers(1-4) Educational Publishers25.00
1049Ruby English Primer Educational Publishers35.00
1050Ruby English Reader(1/2/3) Educational Publishers35.00
1051An Ideal English Grammar (Class-IV) Educational Publishers35.00
1052Nitee Sudha(1st) - Hitopodesher Galpo Educational Publishers35.00
1053Nitee Sudha(2nd) - Kathamalar Galpo Educational Publishers35.00
1054Nitee Sudha(3rd) - Panchatantrer Galpo Educational Publishers35.00
1055Nitee Sudha(4th) - Jatoker Galpo Educational Publishers35.00
1Nirmal Pencil Drawing (I-6) A DharEducational Publishers25.00
21100 Words Horizon A DharEducational Publishers50.00
13Barnamala (KA, KHA) Anisha DattaEducational Publishers30.00
14Bangla Pathmala(1-5) Anisha DattaEducational Publishers35.00
43Preliminary Arithmetic(1/2) B SujataEducational Publishers30.00
44Modern Basic Arithmetic(I/II) B SujataEducational Publishers30.00
107Gajomotir Mala Biswanath DeyEducational Publishers25.00
164See Say & Write(1/2/3/4) C SomeshEducational Publishers30.00
171Hatekhori O Aa Ko Kho D JaharEducational Publishers30.00
172Good Hand English Copy Book(1/2/3) D JaharEducational Publishers25.00
173Easy Colouring Book(1/2/3/4) D JaharEducational Publishers25.00
174Sahaj Pencil Drawing(1,2,3,4) D JaharEducational Publishers25.00
212Sishur Pora (1st) Gouri DebiEducational Publishers20.00
213Sishur Pora (2nd) Gouri DebiEducational Publishers20.00
214Chhelebela Gouri DebiEducational Publishers30.00
260Model English Grammer Kalidas GhoshEducational Publishers25.00
306Foler Naame Chhora Kartick GhoshEducational Publishers15.00
307Chhanaponar Chhora Kartick GhoshEducational Publishers15.00
333Jana Ojana Komol Krishna RayEducational Publishers30.00
360Chhorate O Aa Ko Kho N TalukdarEducational Publishers25.00
373Chhorar Mela Chhobir Khela N TalukdarEducational Publishers25.00
374Picture Word Book N TalukdarEducational Publishers30.00
375Peacock Nursery Rhymes N TalukdarEducational Publishers25.00
421Nobodharaye Jnan Sagar (0) P K TalukdarEducational Publishers30.00
422Nobodharaye Jnan Sagar (1-3) P K TalukdarEducational Publishers35.00
423Nobodharaye Jnan Sagar (4) P K TalukdarEducational Publishers40.00
435A Book of Fables P. BiswasEducational Publishers30.00
459Tiny Practice Book(1st, 2nd, 3rd) PR GuptaEducational Publishers25.00
497Chotoder Hitopodesher Galpo Ramendra Kumar BhattacharyaEducational Publishers20.00
506Golpomala Ronen GuptaEducational Publishers40.00
509Rainbow English S ChakrabortyEducational Publishers30.00
530Khokakhukur Pora Sekho(1st, 2nd, 3rd) Sakuntala BhattachajeeEducational Publishers30.00
581Rang Niye Aankte Bosho(0 to 4th) Satya ChakrabartyEducational Publishers25.00
621Golden Drawing ( 0 to 3 ) Shankar Prasad MajumderEducational Publishers25.00
696Tales Of Devotees Sister NiveditaEducational Publishers30.00
697Mahabharata Sister NiveditaEducational Publishers30.00
698Ramayana Sister NiveditaEducational Publishers30.00
711Itihasher Sadharon Gyan Subhash ChattopadhayaEducational Publishers25.00
729Nije Anko Karo(1st, 2nd) Sukumar BardhanEducational Publishers35.00
730Nije Anko Karo(3rd) Sukumar BardhanEducational Publishers40.00
731Shishubodh Poribesh Porichiy Sukumar BardhanEducational Publishers30.00
759Natun Bangla Path(1st,2nd,3rd,4th) Sumanta ChowdhuryEducational Publishers35.00
760Natun Bangla Path Anushilonee(1st,2nd,3rd,4th) Sumanta ChowdhuryEducational Publishers35.00
761Paribesher Sadharon Gyan(1st, 2nd) Sunanda DebiEducational Publishers30.00
807Baroniyo Naree Suniti MukhopadhayaEducational Publishers30.00
808Mohajeeboner Heeramanik Suniti MukhopadhayaEducational Publishers35.00
826Chhobite Anko Shekha Syamapada DuttaEducational Publishers30.00
827Gyan Bigyan Syamapada DuttaEducational Publishers35.00
859My First ABC Dictionary Thomas N. De SouzaEducational Publishers35.00
224Modern Cutting Shelai Shiksha (Bunon Soho)EmbroideryIB DasNirmal Book Agency40.00
592Adhunik Wool Bona Shakuntala Bhattacharya and Taposhi DebiNirmal Book Agency60.00
593Modern Embroidery Shiksha Shakuntala Bhattacharya and Taposhi DebiNirmal Book Agency50.00
1066Ek Bindy SandehoGalpo and UponyasAneesh DebSahitytam100.00
1089Patal Jhar Aneesh DebSahitytam125.00
24Asha Purna Bithika Asha Purna DeviSahityam40.00
25Tin Prohor (Baluchori, Sunglass, Srinkholita) Asha Purna DeviSahityam40.00
26Nakhyatrer Akash Asha Purna DeviSahityam20.00
27Trimatrik Asha Purna DeviSahityam40.00
28Prem O Proyajan Asha Purna DeviSahityam25.00
29Kalyani Asha Purna DeviSahityam30.00
30Dwitiyo Adwitiyo Asha Purna DeviSahityam40.00
31Priyo Galpo Asha Purna DeviSahityam50.00
32Noiti Uponyas Asha Purna DeviSahityam200.00
33Ponchashti Priyo Golpo Asha Purna DeviSahityam150.00
1062Sera Choiti Upanyaas Asha Purna DeviSahitytam125.00
47Banaful Bithika BanafulSahityam50.00
48Chaturanga BanafulSahityam40.00
49Adwitiya BanafulSahityam30.00
50Ramaniya BanafulSahityam25.00
1070Acharya Prafulla Chandra Ray Rachanaa Bichitra Baridbaran Ghosh Sahityam100.00
74Manmayuri Bibhuti Bhushan BandopadhyaySahityam60.00
75Bibhuti Bithika Bibhuti Bhushan BandopadhyaySahityam50.00
76Tin Taranga Bibhuti Bhushan BandopadhyaySahityam30.00
77Maloncho Bibhuti Bhushan BandopadhyaySahityam25.00
78Darbaari Bibhuti Bhushan BandopadhyaySahityam25.00
81Achena Atithi Bibhuti Bhushan MukhopadhyaySahityam25.00
82Dui Konya Bibhuti Bhushan MukhopadhyaySahityam30.00
117Shera Doshti Uponyas Buddhadeb GuhaSahityam300.00
118Pamori Buddhadeb GuhaSahityam60.00
119Kumudini Buddhadeb GuhaSahityam50.00
120Jongli Mohol  Buddhadeb GuhaSahityam40.00
121Kuruboker Deshe Buddhadeb GuhaSahityam40.00
122Chandrayaon Buddhadeb GuhaSahityam30.00
123Somo Buddhadeb GuhaSahityam150.00
124Aro Dui Hrijuda Kahini Buddhadeb GuhaSahityam40.00
125Aro Dui Hrijuda Buddhadeb GuhaSahityam40.00
126Saroswata Buddhadeb GuhaSahityam50.00
127Charkanya Buddhadeb GuhaSahityam100.00
128Duti Hrijuda Kahini Buddhadeb GuhaSahityam30.00
129Charumoti Buddhadeb GuhaSahityam100.00
130Aro Tin Hrijuda Kahini Buddhadeb GuhaSahityam40.00
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