Nirmal Book Agency and Sahityam, legendary names in the Bengali Publishing arena, best known for publishing the books of veteran authors of both parts of Bengal, has recently started another Publishing house in the name of Educational Publishers that concentrates mainly on publishing school books. The management constantly liaises with the Bengali Authors all over the globe for new taste to the readers.
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Book IdBook NameCategoryAuthorPublisherPrice(Rs.)
568Sarat Rachanaaboli (Volume 2)Chirayata SahityaSarat Chandra ChattopadhyaySahityam125.00
569Sarat Rachanaaboli (Volume 3) Sarat Chandra ChattopadhyaySahityam125.00
674Sherlock Holmes Rachana Samagra (Volume 1) Sir Arthur Conan DoyleSahityam150.00
675Sherlock Holmes Amnibas Sir Arthur Conan DoyleSahityam100.00
702Sree Sree Rama Krishnan Kathaamrita Sree Ma KathitSahityam150.00
728Sukanto Rachanaboli Sukanta BhattacharyaSahityam75.00
735Sukumar Rachana Samagra Sukumar RaySahityam125.00
861Trailokyanath Rachanabali (Volume 1) Trailakaanath MukhopadhayaSahityam125.00
862Trailokyanath Rachanabali (Volume 2) Trailakaanath MukhopadhayaSahityam125.00
878Upendra Kishore Rachnaaboli Upendra Kishore Roy ChowdhurySahityam125.00
909Shakespeare Rachanaboli William ShakespeareSahityam150.00
6PnachaliColourful Rhymes BookAlok ChattopadhyayNirmal Book Agency25.00
15Sonai Mora Misti Chharaa Annoda Shankar RayNirmal Book Agency25.00
20101 Rhymes Mother's Lore Archita DharNirmal Book Agency60.00
40Poshu Pakhir Chhora Ashok SheeNirmal Book Agency12.00
73Tapur Tupur Chhorar Nupur Bhobaniprasad MukhopadhyayNirmal Book Agency0.00
106Gajomotir Mala Biswanath DeyNirmal Book Agency20.00
181Iching Biching Deep MukhopadhyayNirmal Book Agency10.00
299Pakhir Name Charaa Kartick GhoshNirmal Book Agency16.00
300Fuler name Charaa Kartick GhoshNirmal Book Agency15.00
301Faler Name Charaa Kartick GhoshNirmal Book Agency15.00
302Chana Pona Charaa Charaa Kartick GhoshNirmal Book Agency15.00
303Jib Jantur Charaa Kartick GhoshNirmal Book Agency16.00
304Chhora Chhobir Deshe (1) Kartick GhoshEducational Publishers15.00
305Chhora Chhobir Deshe (2) Kartick GhoshEducational Publishers16.00
408Baromaser Charaa Nirendra Nath ChakrabartyNirmal Book Agency15.00
409Baro Pakhir Chhora Nirendra Nath ChakrabartyNirmal Book Agency15.00
410Baro Putuler Chhora Nirendra Nath ChakrabartyNirmal Book Agency15.00
472Kochi Mukher Abrittir Chhora Pundorik ChakrabortyNirmal Book Agency40.00
522Sat Bhai Champaa Sailo ChakrabartyNirmal Book Agency14.00
523Chobi Charaai Jhilmil Sailo ChakrabartyNirmal Book Agency15.00
524Aire Ai Tiye Sailo ChakrabartyNirmal Book Agency14.00
525Bhalobasi Posha Jib Sailo ChakrabartyNirmal Book Agency14.00
526Noton Noton Pairaguli Sailo ChakrabartyNirmal Book Agency15.00
713Chhorar Chikri Subodh DasguptaNirmal Book Agency10.00
824Charaar Mela Swapan ChakrabartyNirmal Book Agency16.00
825Charrar Asor Swapan ChakrabartyNirmal Book Agency25.00
361Gopal Bhnar (Large)ComicsN TalukdarNirmal Book Agency25.00
362Gopal Bhnar (Small) N TalukdarNirmal Book Agency6.00
363Bhooter Khappare Gopal Bhnar N TalukdarNirmal Book Agency6.00
638Patal Rele Gopal Bhar Shree HriturajNirmal Book Agency6.00
235Dhan Chaser Adhunik PoddhotiCultivationJagoron SomNirmal Book Agency50.00
693Tob- e Phool Chash Sisir Kumar ChakrabortyNirmal Book Agency20.00
694Rakomaari Phooler Chas Sisir Kumar ChakrabortyNirmal Book Agency40.00
695Rakomaari Faler Chas Sisir Kumar ChakrabortyNirmal Book Agency40.00
200Nirmal Table BookEducationalEducational Publishers15.00
201Modern Table Book Educational Publishers15.00
202Art of English Conversation(I - IV) Educational Publishers25.00
203Practice Your Handwriting(I - IV) Educational Publishers25.00
204Words Pictorial Word-Book Educational Publishers20.00
997Barno Parichaya(1st) Educational Publishers32.00
998Barno Parichaya(2nd) Educational Publishers32.00
999Hasi Khusi (1st) Educational Publishers30.00
1000Hasi Khusi (2nd) Educational Publishers30.00
1001Chhobite Shekho O Aa Ko Kho (1st) Educational Publishers30.00
1002Chhobite Shekho O Aa Ko Kho (2nd) Educational Publishers30.00
1003Lekha Poray Hasikhushi Educational Publishers35.00
1004Barno Lipi(1st,2nd,3rd) Educational Publishers25.00
1005Nirmal Hastolipi (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th) Educational Publishers25.00
1006Subarno Lekha(1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th) Educational Publishers25.00
1007Mojar Chhora (1st, 2nd) Educational Publishers30.00
1008Fun With Nursery Rhymes Educational Publishers20.00
1009Treasury of Nursery Rhymes Educational Publishers22.00
1010Rhymes For Joy(Ist, 2nd) Educational Publishers20.00
1011Nirmal Calligraphy(1 to 5) Educational Publishers20.00
1012How To Start Painting(1 to 5) Educational Publishers25.00
1013Fun With Colors(I To VII) Educational Publishers30.00
1014Fun With Pastel Colors (1 to 5) Educational Publishers30.00
1015Learn A B C Educational Publishers12.00
1016Book of Paper Cutting and Oregami (1 to3) Educational Publishers25.00
1017Learn Words (New Edi) Educational Publishers35.00
1018My Picture Dictionery Educational Publishers35.00
1019Colouring Writing A B C D Educational Publishers35.00
1020Nirmal Read & Write A B C Educational Publishers30.00
1021Writing Book Of Alphabet Educational Publishers35.00
1022Picture Book Of Writing Educational Publishers30.00
1023Nirmal Number Book(1 to 100) Educational Publishers30.00
1024Nirmal Number Book(1 to 50) Educational Publishers30.00
1025Count(1 to 20) Educational Publishers25.00
1026Writing Practice Number(1 to 100) Educational Publishers35.00
1027Lekha Shekho Banglaye (1 to 5) Educational Publishers25.00
1028Fables for Boys and Girls (1-2) Educational Publishers35.00
1029Nije Nije Lekho Educational Publishers25.00
1030Gona Sekho Educational Publishers30.00
1031Gona Sekho(1 to 20) Educational Publishers25.00
1032Gunte Moja Likhte Soja Educational Publishers35.00
1033Chhobite Chotoder Mohabharat Nirmal Book Agency20.00
1034Prarambhik Avyas Pustika(Hindi) Nirmal Book Agency12.00
1035Nirmal New English Primer(Anglo-Hindi) Educational Publishers10.00
1036Nirmal Balpothi Educational Publishers10.00
1037Aao Paro Aao Likho(Hindi) Educational Publishers30.00
1038Moja Kore Rang Koro (1-5) Educational Publishers35.00
1039Chhobi Ako Pencile (1-4) Educational Publishers25.00
1040Peacock Table Book Educational Publishers15.00
1041Hindi Bornomala (Paheli Pustak) Educational Publishers30.00
1042AonGinti Sikho Educational Publishers30.00
1043Millenium English Reader (1-4) Educational Publishers35.00
1044Small Letter abc Educational Publishers25.00
1045A Land of Nursery Rhymes (1,2,3) Educational Publishers25.00
1046101 Mother's Lore Nursery Rhymes Educational Publishers60.00
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