Nirmal Book Agency and Sahityam, legendary names in the Bengali Publishing arena, best known for publishing the books of veteran authors of both parts of Bengal, has recently started another Publishing house in the name of Educational Publishers that concentrates mainly on publishing school books. The management constantly liaises with the Bengali Authors all over the globe for new taste to the readers.
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Book IdBook NameCategoryAuthorPublisherPrice(Rs.)
319Pile Patka O Putuler BiyeSisu O Kishor SahityaKazi Najrul IslamNirmal Book Agency25.00
335Notun Chele Natobar Leela MazumderNirmal Book Agency25.00
338Shrestha Rahasya Golpo Leela Mazumder and Dr. Arun Kumar DuttaNirmal Book Agency60.00
340Sonali Rupkathaa Manojit BasuNirmal Book Agency25.00
342Duh-saahosik Kahini Mayukh ChowdhuryNirmal Book Agency30.00
343Aranyo Jakhon Dake Mayukh ChowdhuryNirmal Book Agency25.00
344Bhayabaha Sikar Kahini Mayukh ChowdhuryNirmal Book Agency25.00
345Palaatak Mayukh ChowdhuryNirmal Book Agency20.00
346Baner Chele Tarzan Mayukh ChowdhuryNirmal Book Agency25.00
347Ratrir Santaan Mayukh ChowdhuryNirmal Book Agency20.00
348Naraker Prahari Mayukh ChowdhuryNirmal Book Agency20.00
377Hound of Baskervilles Nachiketa GhoshNirmal Book Agency50.00
381Greatest Ghost Stories Neerajana GhoshNirmal Book Agency30.00
382World Best Books Neerajana GhoshNirmal Book Agency60.00
383Horror Amnibas Neerajana GhoshNirmal Book Agency50.00
402Khushir Joyar Nirendra Nath ChakrabartyNirmal Book Agency60.00
403Khushir Hullar Nirendra Nath ChakrabartyNirmal Book Agency60.00
404Khushir Jhalak Nirendra Nath ChakrabartyNirmal Book Agency60.00
405Golpochhorar Kolpoloke Nirendra Nath ChakrabartyNirmal Book Agency20.00
406100 Rahasyer 100 Golpo Nirendra Nath ChakrabartyNirmal Book Agency125.00
411Chhotoder 500 Kobita Nirendra Nath Chakrabarty and Saral DeNirmal Book Agency125.00
415Ottohashi Nirmalendu GoutamNirmal Book Agency30.00
424Sherlock Holmeser Shera Golpo P SusantaNirmal Book Agency40.00
425Sherlock Holmeser Goenda Golpo P SusantaNirmal Book Agency40.00
439Okaar Sukhyo Bichaar (Japany Folk Story) Pabitra SarkarNirmal Book Agency25.00
443Palki Theke Patal Rail Partho Sarothi MondalNirmal Book Agency25.00
460Mojar Mojar Golpo Bhooter Prabir JanaNirmal Book Agency35.00
463Poriraa Keno Aasenaa Premendra MitraNirmal Book Agency25.00
464Dakat Biler Gayen Premendra MitraNirmal Book Agency30.00
465Bhanumotir Bagh Premendra MitraNirmal Book Agency25.00
469Rater Balaye Bhooter Malaye Pundorik ChakrabortyNirmal Book Agency40.00
470Shob Bhoot Rail Bhoot Pundorik ChakrabortyNirmal Book Agency50.00
471Bhooter Goyendagiri Pundorik ChakrabortyNirmal Book Agency35.00
496Chotoder Hitopodesher Galpo Ramen BhattacharyaNirmal Book Agency20.00
507Jungle Books Rudyard KiplingNirmal Book Agency30.00
508Quiz Up TO Date S BasuNirmal Book Agency60.00
512Panchatantra Galpo Samagra Sabyasachi RoyNirmal Book Agency45.00
513Ishop Galpo Samagra Sabyasachi RoyNirmal Book Agency45.00
514Bag Bhorti BhootSisu O kishor SahityaSabyasachi RoyNirmal Book Agency80.00
515Hitopodesh Golpo SamagraSisu O Kishor SahityaSabyasachi RoyNirmal Book Agency50.00
516Chhotoder Arobyo Rojonir Golpo Sabyasachi RoyNirmal Book Agency50.00
517Treasure Island Sabyasachi RoyNirmal Book Agency50.00
518Grim Bhaider Roopkatha Sabyasachi RoyNirmal Book Agency40.00
527Niriho Daityo Sailo ChakrabortyNirmal Book Agency25.00
528Bhhooter Shondhane Saiyad Rejawul KarimNirmal Book Agency35.00
529Sonar Chand Saktipada RajguruNirmal Book Agency50.00
536Sera Jokes Samudra MukhopdhyayNirmal Book Agency40.00
537Desh Bidesher Roopkatha Samudra MukhopdhyayNirmal Book Agency50.00
538Desh Bidesher Bhooter Galpo Samudra MukhopdhyayNirmal Book Agency50.00
539Alif Laila Samudra MukhopdhyayNirmal Book Agency35.00
542Shera Hashir Golpo Sanjeeb ChattopadhyayNirmal Book Agency50.00
548Goniter Patkua Jatra Sanjib ChattopadhyayNirmal Book Agency25.00
549Ekoda Ek Bagher Galaai Sanjib ChattopadhyayNirmal Book Agency25.00
550Dui Mama Sanjib ChattopadhyayNirmal Book Agency25.00
551Nabendur Dalbal Sanjib ChattopadhyayNirmal Book Agency20.00
552Baro Mamar Sange Sanjib ChattopadhyayNirmal Book Agency25.00
553Mama Amanibas Sanjib ChattopadhyayNirmal Book Agency30.00
557Sera Kalpobijnaner Galpo Sankarshan RayNirmal Book Agency40.00
558Rahasya Bhedi Bigyani Sankarshan RayNirmal Book Agency40.00
559Bigyani Goenda Sankarshan RayNirmal Book Agency40.00
560Rahasya Golpo Sankarshan RayNirmal Book Agency40.00
561Duranta Abhijan Sankarshan RayNirmal Book Agency30.00
562Kishor Rachana Sangraha Sankarshan RayNirmal Book Agency50.00
563Knowledge Encyclopadeia Santosh ChattopadhyayNirmal Book Agency50.00
564Bijnaner Ki O Kano Santosh ChattopadhyayNirmal Book Agency50.00
565Knowledge World Santosh ChattopadhyayNirmal Book Agency125.00
570Lalur Kirti Sarat Chandra ChattopadhyayNirmal Book Agency25.00
571Ramer Sumoti Sarat Chandra ChattopadhyayNirmal Book Agency25.00
572Mohesh Sarat Chandra ChattopadhyayNirmal Book Agency15.00
582Shrestho Hasir Galpo Satyajit SenNirmal Book Agency25.00
625Aye To Amar Bokul Phool Shibayan GhoshNirmal Book Agency30.00
633Parasya Rupkathaa Shree HriturajNirmal Book Agency35.00
658Natun Bhuter Galpo Shyamal Kanti DasNirmal Book Agency60.00
659Ekso Kakar Ekso Galpo Shyamal Kanti DasNirmal Book Agency100.00
660Ekso Chabir Ekso Chora Shyamal Kanti DasNirmal Book Agency80.00
661Jamjamat (1) Shyamal Kanti DasNirmal Book Agency125.00
662Jamjamat (2) Shyamal Kanti DasNirmal Book Agency125.00
663Jamjamat (3) Shyamal Kanti DasNirmal Book Agency125.00
664Jamjamat (4) Shyamal Kanti DasNirmal Book Agency125.00
665Jamjamat (5) Shyamal Kanti DasNirmal Book Agency125.00
666Chhotoder Abrittir Chhora Shyamal Kanti DasNirmal Book Agency40.00
667Aro Mamar Aro Golpo Shyamal Kanti DasNirmal Book Agency40.00
668Aro Dadar Aro Golpo Shyamal Kanti DasNirmal Book Agency100.00
669Chirodiner Rupkotha Shyamal Kanti DasNirmal Book Agency40.00
670Shera Upokotha Shyamal Kanti DasNirmal Book Agency35.00
680Bhooteder Niye Galpo Sirshendu MukhopadhyayNirmal Book Agency25.00
681Bhanga Barir Bhoot Sirshendu MukhopadhyayNirmal Book Agency25.00
682Sera Bhuter Galpo Sirshendu MukhopadhyayNirmal Book Agency50.00
683Galper Ramdhanu Sirshendu MukhopadhyayNirmal Book Agency50.00
684Bhuter Khoje Sirshendu MukhopadhyayNirmal Book Agency50.00
685Bhut Petnir Ekso Galpo Sirshendu MukhopadhyayNirmal Book Agency100.00
686Ekso Bhuter Baksho Sirshendu MukhopadhyayNirmal Book Agency100.00
687Galper Ramdhanu Sirshendu MukhopadhyayNirmal Book Agency50.00
688100 Bhooter Baksho Sirshendu MukhopadhyayNirmal Book Agency100.00
689100 Bhooter 100 Bari Sirshendu MukhopadhyayNirmal Book Agency100.00
690Bhoot Ponchash Sirshendu Mukhpadhyay &Nirmal Book Agency50.00
691Dui Banglar Nirbachita Rahasya Romancha Galpo Sirshendu Mukhpadhyay and Imdadul Haq MilanNirmal Book Agency80.00
692Khushir Roshnai Sirshendu Mukhpadhyay and Kartick GhoshNirmal Book Agency50.00
700Rupkathar Putul Sohrab HosenNirmal Book Agency30.00
701Bhoot-Pisher Daak Sohrab HosenNirmal Book Agency30.00
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